ACAPINOY: A Glimpse of Heaven

The first ACAPINOY (a capella singing in English, Spanish,Tagalog, Ilokano, Pangasinan) was successfully held last August 23, 2009, Sunday, 3:30 p.m. at the Golden Gate Church of Christ Auditorium in San Francisco, California.

Christians and guests from as far as the Philippines, New York, Sacramento and San Jose, California attended the historic and uplifting event. Christian hymns and Gospel songs originally sang by Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and even Pat Boone were led by song leaders from various congregations in Northern California.

Romer Javonillo, song leader who came all the way from New York, led the Christian hymns in Tagalog and Pangasinan. Nathaniel J. Tuliao, song leader with the Lake Merced Church of Christ in San Francisco, California, led the Gospel songs in English.
Jairo Torres, evangelist with the Hispanic Ministry, led the Christian hymns in Spanish.
Dr. John Quiniones, Ph.D, visiting preacher-evangelist with San Fernando Church of Christ, San Fernando, La Union, Philippines, led the Gospel songs in Ilokano. Manny Ang, song leader with the San Mateo Church of Christ in San Mateo, California led some Gospel songs in English. Lincoln Strattan, song leader with the Oceanview Church of Christ in Pacifica, California, led some Christian hymns in English and Tagalog.

Bert Tupaz, preacher-evangelist with North Metro Church of Christ in Sacramento, California, shared some historical facts on a capella singing as practiced by the early Christians. S. Bill Jimenez, president and founder of Aro Ministries, shared his personal experience and benefits of a capella singing. Here’s what they say about ACAPINOY:

“A glimpse of heaven! Let’s keep doing,” said S. Bill Jimenez of Aro Ministries.

“I’m so glad and happy I was able to attend this historic and uplifting event!,” exclaimed a tenor singer from San Jose, California.

“For the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ,” said Josephine T. Ang, member of San Mateo Church of Christ in San Mateo, California.

“It’s like home to me hearing and singing the Gospel songs in Philippine dialects,” said an alto singer from Daly City, California.

“I enjoyed the event very much,” said Lee Ann Wong from San Francisco, California.

“We should have more of this ACAPINOY,” suggested a base singer from Pacifica, California.

“Wonderful fellowship!” said Grace G. Impson, member of the Metro Church of Christ in Sacramento, California.

“Very good. I like so much,” said Maritza Millon, a Hispanic sister from San Francisco, California.

The next ACAPINOY is scheduled in December, 2009. Call (415)221-2631 for update and more information.

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